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Kingdom Eubacteria

The bacteria of kingdom eubacteria are heterotrophic, autotrophic, and chemotrophic. Heterotrohps absorb organic materials down in both living and dead organisms. Autotrophs can make their own food by photosynthesis. Chemotrophs get their food by breaking down inorganic matter.



Body type: unicellular

Prokayotic / eukaryotic: prokaryotic

Environments: extreme environments as do archaebacteria (near volcanic activity)

HETEROTROPHS: This bacteria lives about anywhere, including in your body in the form of a parasite. Saprobes feed off of non -living organisms and recycles the nutrients back into the environment where it can be used to create new life.

AUTOTROPHS: Obtain energy through photosynthesis. Most are a blue-green color and are often called blue-green bacteria. They get this color from chlorophyll, which is also found in plants. They live in chains in ponds, lakes, and moist regions.

CHEMOTROPHS: Produce energy by converting inoganic matter into organic matter. They break down dead stuff.